Dizzy O'Dare presents

Baba Yaga’s House

Baba Yaga’s House

A ramshackle old cottage roams the landscape on chicken legs, provoking many questions. What is it? What is it doing? Who lives in it? Should I be scared? And If you are brave enough to get closer, Baba Yaga will surely be close by too.
Baba Yaga’s House is inspired by Slavic fairytales that have been adapted over centuries to excite and scare children and adults alike. Now awoken from her slumber, 300 years later Baba Yaga flies again.





Roaming on The Parade

Running time

30 mins


  • Sun 2 Jul - 12:30pm
  • Sun 2 Jul - 2:45pm
  • Sun 2 Jul - 4:45pm